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Today in Armagnac

Five good reasons to come and take part in ‘Armagnac Experiences’

Mark your diaries! From 4th to 7th October, Armagnac takes pride of place at the very chic Villa Mirasol in Mont-de-Marsan for the first edition of the ‘Armagnac Experiences’ campaign.

In the wake of the Fête de la Gastronomie, this event will bring together producers, wine growers, oenologists, barmen, sommeliers and great lovers of Armagnac for four days of meetings and discoveries. For to know the Gascon nectar, you need to ‘live it’, taste its subtleties and meet those that make it and use it.
Cocktail competition, round table and even a gala dinner, here are 5 good reasons so that you don’t miss this event

#1 Enjoy going back to the roots of this eau-de-vie
‘Armagnac Experiences’ has been conceived in response to today’s very dynamic world of spirits, so that lovers – amateurs and professionals alike – can take time to discover the oldest French eau-de-vie. Hand crafted by small houses for more than 700 years, Armagnac is created with passion and talent by artisans who, year after year and bottle after bottle, make an authentic and sincere product; come to meet them and share your experience.

#2 Discover brand new cocktail ideas
For the first time, a new feature will be on the agenda: the launch of the first ‘Armagnac Cocktail Challenge’. Often drunk as a digestive, the eau-de-vie is also remarkably adapted for cocktails with its plethora of aromas that lend themselves to classic cocktails and other more adventurous styles. Several drinks professionals will be there to prove this and put their skills to the test by making the best Gascon cocktails. Something to inspire you!

#3 Understand the art of tasting
Tasting Armagnac is a unique experience within the reach of everyone! A question of senses, it should be approached in several steps from the look, the smell and the taste. To learn and appreciate the extraordinary diversity of its aromas and flavours, a tasting workshop will be presented by an oenologist.

#4 Gourmet food pairings
Bursting with so many different flavours that are as subtle as they are natural, Armagnac evidently matches very well with an infinite number of dishes at the heart of French gastronomy. A gala dinner created by Armando Nogueira, chef at Villa Mirasol along with four producers will provide the perfect pairings of autumn dishes with this elixir.

#5 A change of scenery
In the heart of Aquitaine and the Landes forest, Villa Mirasol retains the spirit and charm of a family home where all generations love to come together to relax. Elegant and refined, the house is situated in the centre of Mont-de-Marsan on the edge of the historic site of the three rivers, between ocean and mountain. The setting is ideal to welcome the first edition of ‘Armagnac Experiences’ with its friendly and 100% local feel.

For more information on the programme, please click here