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Hors d'Age and XO

Hors d'Age Armagnacs


More than 10 years.  This is the minimum legal age of the youngest eau-de-vie in an Hors d’Age Armagnac.  Very often much older.  The average age is normally well over and above. 

An Hors d’Age, is the blend par excellence.  With this blend we find the heart of the Armagnac aromas with a palette of candied fruits (prune, apricot, orange peel) associated with mellow aromas of wood.  Sometimes patisserie notes and spices add tasty indulgence to the whole.  A touch of rancio and dried fruits confirm the maturity of the blend.  In the mouth it is balanced with good length and a controlled heat.

It is an eau-de-vie for pleasure that can be tasted during a meal with a dessert, one that can be shared with friends of an afternoon or one that enjoys the company of a cigar in the evening…

As a general rule, old Armagnacs work well paired with dishes such as guinea fowl with fruit, roast duck breast with honey, cep mushroom omelette… or with fruit based desserts such as a tarte tatin, pear charlotte, candied oranges… and those made with chocolate like a black forest gateau or chocolate mousse…

For a very special dessert, try famous Gascon chef Alain Ducasse’s speciality of Armagnac Baba served with a 2cl glass of Armagnac to pour over the cake.  You will be amazed!

Chef Alain Ducasse’s recipe for Armagnac Baba is here!


XO Armagnacs


The commercial denomination of XO (Extra Old in English) is made up of Armagnacs that have been aged for at least 10 years.

XO, that is very popular abroad, is less known in France, however, it will delight those that are looking for elegant eaux-de-vie that are rich and smooth.  Discover it alongside tasters of foie gras, sweet morsels or as a digestive…