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Infinitely more than "just a spirit"

Firstly, Armagnac is the oldest wine based eau-de-vie produced in southwest France, in the heart of Gascony.  Obtained from the distillation of white wine in an Armagnac alambic and put to age for many long years in oak barrels before being sold, it comes as blends (made from several eaux-de-vie from different harvests) or as vintages that are specific to Armagnac (one single year of harvest).

Both the Armagnac terroirs and the production methods have to meet strict rules laid down by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée obtained by this eau-de-vie in 1936.

Also and above all, Armagnac is an artisanal product, made in small quantities by wine growers and producers (and traders), conveyors of an age-old savoir-faire.  The diversity within the terroirs and grape varieties give this eau-de-vie a rich and diverse personality that is close to that of the men that make it.  There is not ONE Armagnac, but MANY Armagnacs.

Lastly, Armagnac is a noble product, though it is not an elitist one; it is a product with values and of value.
At a time of overconsumption and so much choice in the world of spirits, it is important to give today’s consumer meaning as to how it should be enjoyed.
That’s why Armagnac, the oldest eaux-de-vie, is also the most modern: by not just being a spirit among many others, but a « virtuous spirit », in other words, a drink that has spirit and virtues.

  • Spirit: as it has the same essence as the Gascon spirit;
  • And virtues: because it must not be a product of addiction, nor a product for drinking, but a product for tasting.

It should not be forgotten that a tasting is still a personal moment; a meeting with oneself and one for sharing with others.  Tasting an Armagnac appeals to the senses and in particular to the breathing in of the specific Armagnac aromas that are second to none.

Tasting an Armagnac reveals a magic moment, a moment of pleasure.

In a standard world seeking safety with identical products and no surprises, there are rich products and treasures to be discovered.

Armagnac is one of them; the affirmation of its virtues, of our savoir-faire and the ethics of those that produce and sell it.