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Food pairings

The surprising diversity of Armagnac allows it to be matched with an infinite number of dishes.  Armagnac can be served harmoniously throughout a meal. And the risk of inebriation?  Simply adapt the measure and serve alongside a glass of water… for thirst.  30cl (about 3 glasses) of a wine at about 12% abv is equivalent to 9cl of eau-de-vie at 40% abv or 3 measures of 3cl, preferably in a tulip or balloon glass.


During a meal

The Blanche can be served as a ‘trou gascon’ (a little glass of ice cold Blanche or prune ice cream and Blanche). 

It works well with smoked salmon, caviar, foie gras, cold meats, and lemon tart.


Young armagnacs are used for flaming (shellfish, meats, patisseries) and sauces. A splash of armagnac can easily replace the vinegar in a vinaigrette.

They work well with blue veined cheeses (Fourme, Roquefort).


Old armagnacs with guinea fowl and fruit, duck breast with honey, cep mushroom omelette …

Fruit based desserts: tarte tatin, pear charlotte, candied orange … chocolate desserts such as black forest gateau, chocolate mousse…

Special desserts such as an Armagnac Baba served alongside a 2cl glass of Armagnac, crepes with the liqueur Pousse Rapière…

The sweetness of the dessert softens the vivacity of the eau-de-vie.


With coffee

This combination puts the accent on the aromas related to the ageing of an Armagnac (notes of wood, grilled, toasted, smoked, coffee, cocoa…) that correspond well with the coffee aromas. An old Armagnac with fine aromas will prolong the delicacy and finesse of a Kenyan coffee.  A young and vigorous Armagnac would be a good partner for a powerful Ethiopian coffee.  The bitterness of the coffee completes the acidity of the eau-de-vie and reinforces the impression of softness.

A la Carte serving suggestion: ‘Café Gascon’ – coffee and 2 or 3 cl of armagnac served alongside for tasting.


Don’t forget the digestive virtues of Armagnac either.  Why not serve two tasting measures (2 or 3cl) of different ones at the end of a meal to show its diversity.  And cigar lovers will delight in this harmonious marriage.