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The vineyard

On the distillery route

The Armagnac Route leads visitors through the lush Gascon countryside to discover the three production areas of Bas Armagnac, Armagnac Tenarèze and Haut Armagnac, and brings together one hundred and twenty producers, each one with a specific area for welcoming guests.

Along the winding roads, stand imposing buildings housing the copper alambics that will give birth to the precious nectar during the winter months with the purest respect for tradition. With a desire to share and transmit that is very important to the Armagnacais, several distilleries have created areas so they can open their doors and welcome the public.  There are indeed more and more that have adopted this approach.  To find them, simply follow the signs specially designed for this! The proprietors of the different distilleries will introduce visitors to the secrets of  production of the oldest eau-de-vie in France and share their passion with enthusiasm.  A visit to the distilleries is also an occasion to taste a glass of Armagnac, often accompanied by other local products, and to leave with a few bottles!

From Mauvezin to Labastide d’Armagnac in the Landes, from Condom to Nogaro in the  Gers, the distilleries are welcome stop off points for travellers that follow the Armagnac Route!